No good deed and all that jazz

Wow! I co-admin an older lesbian page on Facebook and thought it would be fun to ask the ladies to tell me who they think is hot, past or present, actresses and singers, etc. so I’ve been posting now for the last two days. Everyone was really enjoying things until one woman just had to throw her two cents in with ‘Oh don’t we have better things to do?’ Seriously???!!!! C’mon man! We’re lesbians! Get a grip! It’s not as if I posted naked pics or anything, they were all tasteful, sexy clothed photos of hot women! I responded by not apologizing whatsoever. 

People need to lighten the hell up. Even Rae got into the act for gods sake, she sent me a few pics herself. 


Testing my Dragon NaturallySpeaking program

when I started this blog I decided that I wanted to basically talk about anything that was happening in my life. But spending a long time typing is hard on the shoulders. So I decided to try my Dragon NaturallySpeaking software voice-recognition program again.


It takes a little bit of work to get used to it.


I talked to my second cousin Olivia at the day, about how she deals with writing on her blog, and whether she worries about hurting people’s feelings. She basically said write whatever you want, write the kind of stuff that you write on Facebook. She said then  it would be okay because if you haven’t offended that many people on Facebook should be okay here.


Even though I had said I wouldn’t go back to an NHL hockey game, I had the chance to win tickets to the Ottawa Senators game next Monday. I would’ve gone if I’d won the tickets. It was the first time ever getting through a radio station. I got a chance to talk to the radio host to wish me happy birthday on the air on my 50th birthday. So that was cool.


Rae and I are going to a Valentine’s dance, February 9, we will be going with Barb and Maggie, and maybe Loree-Ann. Rae Went to see her new doctor today, in Perth . She was pretty excited they had a good appointment. Hopefully she will be able to figure out why she can’t sleep.



Write about your strongest memory of heart-pounding belly-twisting nervousness: what caused the adrenaline? Was it justified? How did you respond?

Omg the day I got married! I had no idea how I would react, I thought I was fine until I wasn’t….I got to the venue, started walking past people and that was it, I looked over at my sister and all I could think of was how I’d wished my mum was there and I just lost it.


So many times I think ‘Oh! I’d like to blog that.’ And that thought is followed by ‘But if I say THAT I’ll probably offend some family member or friend.’ So I’m torn about what to write. A part of me is thinking just do it, it’s your own life and feelings, and then I think what I say might hurt someone…